Tales by the Anemic
Nicole. A typical eighteen year old who thinks the world cares about her life.
One thing that makes training interesting is having to spend time with the best people. I’ve introduced Juju before and now I’m introducing Su! Su is actually my seat-mate and he did a great job trying to keep me awake. He said we should vote for him to be the Prince Charming of our batch. See? Such a silly kid. So this would be it, I will be sleeping now because I have an early shift tomorrow. Hugs xx
First day of training. First half I was so into it, second half I wanted to lie down on the carpet so I did. I was happy with the tumbler I bought because it compliments the orange dividers, at least I still get to appreciate little things. And then I get to have hilarious side comments filled friends at the back. Love it.
Guys, I did it again. I bought marvel designed notebooks and this time I got my brothers addicted to it too. They loved the design and got jelly when I bought a lot before, I remember I blogged about it. And then we saw it again so we bought almost all the designs. Weee happy 420!
So I got accepted for training and that’s what I’ve been up to. I’m sorry I haven’t blogged about the past few days because I was busy being a bummer.
Can’t believe I’m even blogging about you but you’ve been a very good friend and I didn’t know or expect that we would actually take time just to talk and laugh about life experiences. Now that you will be leaving Davao and would rather stay in Manila, I just want to say that you will be missed macky boy. Take good care of yourself and visit me after a few years. :)
I wish I had someone who I could say sweet cheesy stuff to. I think I really need someone special in my life. But at the same time I push people away. Why self, whyyyyy.
My tuwang tuwa profile picture for summer. Don’t hate, appreciate :)
Because I know sometimes people tend to forget because of their insecurities. You’re beautiful, believe me. If you needed a sign, this is it, society will always be fucked up, just be yourself and let your beauty show. :)
I know I blogged about buying stuff but this is a good photo of my new gold sandals so I have to share a little bit about it. While I was looking for inspiration I found similar sandals like the one I got and really wanted it badly. After a long day of shopping we stopped at a store and just saw some cute sandals that they are offering for a limited time. Of course, I bought it and didn’t regret anything. Summer has been about closet updates really and some confidence boosting moments.
Update on how I look. Still a cutie patootie. Just got my confidence boosted up by lovely comments from guys who are totally out of my league. From my “i feel like a booger” stage I level up to the “i feel so good about myself” stage. Weee. And this post will be a reminder of every good thing they said about me.
My plans this summer is basically to… Sorry, I’m off to a place without internet again. Sending all of you warm hugs. Bye!!!
Yesterday was my niece’s first birthday and I am actually a living example of “eat and run”. You see I love the food but the people there were just not my type. So since my brother was taking off, I figured I too shall get my ass out of there. But the food and decoration was excellent so totally worth blogging. Horaaaah.
Mom took me shopping and I bought some pretty things. I bought black pants which is a teenage working girl essential and a belt because I recently noticed I don’t own a good one. I also bought a sea green sweater and a pair of gold sandals because god damn it why do I have to explain everything. Anyway, I’ll be thrift shopping soon so I would definitely blog about that too.
Before march ended, i tried cooking up something. Well you don’t really have to cook it, you just have to slice the ingredients up and add some vinegar. It was my first time and it was such a delight. I forgot to blog about so here I am doing what I do best, blogging late about little life events. *sobs while still being ecstatic about the result*
Seeing them again was one of the best ways to start april. Hoping to spend more time with them.